Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Packing Up Blues

Well, after a little help from my friends, I am very nearly finished packing up fourth grade. I believe that closing up my room is one of the huge negatives of a teaching career.
Big news, at least for me, it was my last year in fourth grade. So lots and lots of decisions to be made about what to keep and what to hand over to the new kid in town.  I am tuckered.
 I am looping with these kidlets and moving on up to fifth grade.  I've asked to move for a few years, just ready to do something different. This was such a lovely class, even though it's the biggest one in our school.  I might have had just  a moment's hesitation after spending many hours finishing permanent record and report cards, but not for long.  I'm more than happy to have this group again.
They've all already met 1st. Lt. and I'll be doing a big unit on Afghanistan when we return. It will be good to be busy and have to do a lot of planning this summer.
Can't imagine my concern when learning that 1st Lt. arrived in Afghanistan, but not his final destination and is currently a resident of the sidewalk, while awaiting a flight out that could take seven days.  You know, I think they can't surprise me, but then they do.
A friend, and master teacher in my book, is retiring. Just isn't willing to do it "their" way.  She said they were told not to worry about putting craft type supplies like crayons and markers on the kid's supply list as they won't be having time for those things anymore.
Could someone, anyone, explain to me why you need to tell teachers who have a successful track record years long, how to do their job.
Our staff received a great gift of books from her.
Bean's last game before tournament was tonight. He has really improved in all areas this spring.
First Playdate tomorrow.  It would have been nice to take a week break from everything.  I feel like someone has been shoving me in the back this entire month.  We are moving to a balanced calendar and my summer will be done on August 2, so I just didn't want to lose any time.  Last week it was over 90 degrees and tomorrow is calling for near perfection at 78.  I do hope to have a bonfire, so perhaps the predicted storms will hold off a few hours.


  1. All your plans sound exciting. I can't believe kids won't have time for markers and crayons any more. I wish Jonah had you for a teacher. He is going into 6th grade (middle school) next year. He finally got excited about reading. The book he loved was Hugo (the book the movie was based on). He read at night and even before school. I think the illustrations were a big part of it but I don't care. He was comparing books with his cousin and asking her how many pages her book had. So I bought him "Wonderstruck" by the same author - Brian Selznick. He happily took it to school today. It is a huge book. Hope you have a happy summer and enjoy teaching 5th grade next year.

  2. I'm just wondering what you think about school not teaching cursive writing anymore. Do you teach it at your school?

  3. Another comment. I'm glad that with all the trials your son is going through, he is not alone. I'm sure all his buddy's family feel just as worried sick as you do, but at least they have each other. I pray they all come back home soon and safely.

  4. I'm betting there are a lot of 4th graders who are just thrilled knowing they will have you as a teacher again next year. On the other hand I bet there are some disappointed 3rd graders because they won't have you next year.

    It is sad that they can't just "let good teachers teach!"

  5. Oh my I love Wonderstruck and I am reading it with my 5th graders next year. I also plan to increase their signing skills, with our goal to be able to communicate without words by year's end. Way to go Jonah and Jonah's grandma for giving him a push in the right direction! I wish I could have him too as I seem to bring out the best in students with less than a stellar love of reading. Yes, Kc, I've had a few third grade parents in tears and am hearing from very excited former fourth graders. I got an e-mail today, as a matter of fact, from one of those reluctant reader's mama who told me her son said he wished he could just have me every year and then that he's having her download books he wants to her Kindle, reading being a new love. It is sweet to hear.
    I am sad that they've taken cursive out of the curriculum. We haven't at our school, but others have. I think a person's handwriting is like a name, so uniquely their own. One is fearful to wonder, what next?