Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Crazy Week

Wow, May is just like December when you teach. There is something else to do, cook, see, attend, change, fix, plant, etc. every minute.  Add a head cold to that, and the Ol' ISTEP test, a bad dream, then up at 4:40 am and a schedule change at school every other minute.  It's  making me blue and we're only 3 days in. UGH.
All is not lost however.  A snuggle with a sweet newborn who was happy to meet her Pappy.

A big accomplishment for my Blue-eyed boy, who previously didn't leave his Mommy or Daddy's shadow.  He asked to feed the chickens, so I brought him out.  He did turn at the door and say, "Mom, Dad?" then headed on out with me, as happy as could be.

Time for planting. Let's get a few pumpkins started.

Take me out to the ball game.  Love watching the boy hit and run.

Ahh, the painful parts of life.  So disappointing to get to third, but not make it home.
No picture, but when I went to Rae's on Tuesday, baby Giddy-up helped me wash dishes for twenty five minutes.  Earlier I'd brought a couple of birthday gifts that had been dropped off at the house.   He spent thirty minutes opening and playing with the multicolored curly ribbon and the maracas (sp?) were -big hit.

A few potatoes for the garden, along with 14 tomatoes and a row of cucumbers is always exciting, especially thinking of harvesting it. 

Lastly, a phone call from 1st Lt.  He said they are learning lots of things and staying busy.  Everyone he's with is about his age or older, so he said everyone is getting along fine and doing what needs to be done.


  1. You certainly never have a dull moment or even a spare one! Your garden will be wonderful and tasty, especially with all of the help you have!

  2. If you're not a teacher, you cannot understand how crazy the last month of school is. I always needed my summer just to recuperate and recharge.