Monday, October 10, 2011

What a Fall!

Wow, finally a full blown fall-fabulous! Last year it was 95 degrees until it was winter, and what a winter. This year we've been blessed with a chilly evening, followed by glorious blue sky and warm sunshine day, over and over again. I am loving it! Thank you Lord for a beautiful autumn.
Last year, about this time, I sprung Bean out of school and took him and Missy Bugg to the Falls of the Ohio. It turned out that we had them for a long period of time on this past Saturday, so we headed back there.
I love that they both remember so much of what we did and talked about that day. It was surprising and somehow comforting that they could recall little places we stopped and discussed from the last trip, like a little fort and a fairy house. Bugg said it would be a beautiful place for a wedding with the yellow leaves all strewn about. We crossed a little dry gully and Pappy warned them that a dragon lived under there. Bean decided to throw a rock in just to be sure and planned to scramble down, when no dragon was forthcoming. Pappy told him it was a smart dragon that knew the difference between a boy and a rock. Neither kiddo decided to risk venturing in. Such times are so sweet to me, because I know they won't carry that vivid imagination much longer.
When we got to fossil beds, Bugg was wishing for a dolly, so we made one.

This is Princess Splendiferous in her lovely seeded ball gown.

Since she had a plaything, Pappy picked up a piece of driftwood and made a little something for Bean.
I think I must name him the Repooperless bird. Bean and I were having a discussion about school and he told me a recent experience was repooperless. I asked him if he meant superfluous. The boy has an extensive vocabulary, but still. "No," said he, "I mean repooperless." "Hmm," says I, "I don't believe I know what that means." "It means stupid." Ahhh, I should've figured that one out based on the discussion we were having. Anyway, repooperless sounds a lot better than stupid.
Lovely weather, fun conversation, precious people and enjoyable exercise- delightful.


  1. What a wonderful day you must have had. The Princess is truly beautiful!

  2. I am definitely going to adopt repooperless!

  3. What sweet stories. My grandchildren remember a lot of the things we have done together in great detail. I like to think they will treasure these memories when they are grown. Enjoy your fall. I am jealous, though I am enjoying that we are under 90 and heading for the 70's. That is heaven for me!