Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is it a Scam?

Recently I've been introduced to two miracle cures. It is so interesting to me that I would come across information on both of these products around the same time. One is called ASEA and the other MMS. Both have loyal followers who claim amazing results from the use of these products. Both have detractors that accuse ASEA of being simply salt water and MMS bleach. Hmm.
I know there are greedy folk out there who will do absolutely anything to make a buck, including preying on desperate people. Still, if I were in pain, or given a horrible diagnosis, I'd try it.
It's interesting to me, cause when chemo fails, no one says the treatment was a scam. Same for fertility drugs. Tylenol doesn't usually do much for my headaches so is Tylenol a scam? I use Crest faithfully, in addition to mouthwash, but the cavities keep on coming. Is toothpaste a scam? Another friend completely believes in the benefits of Juice Plus products, while information can be found negating the company's claims.
I read somewhere about the accidental discovery of xylitol, first used for sugarless gum, having other properties and now being used as a wash for the sinuses, as it doesn't let those wee nasty things we breathe in set up camp and colonize. Yee haw. I live in an environment where bigger wee folk are bringing me every manner of germ to inhale on a daily basis. I use that xylitol spray morning and evening, and it has cut my sinus infections, colds, flu, etc by more than half. I think I've only had something like that twice in two years and both cases were mild. I tell people. They don't use it.
I think we are complicated. Clearly, a miracle for one, isn't for another.
Is it possible that these miracle cures do the the trick for some, and not for others? Could it have anything to do with the way it's used, or the consistency of use?
I will say, I don't know. I do know some people I trust say it works, and I believe they are telling me the truth.
What say you?
Speaking of miracles, Kaye heads back to surgery tomorrow and Pete's hoping for just the toe to go, as opposed to a good portion of the foot. She could use a miracle and your prayers are always appreciated.


  1. I pray it goes as well as possible for Kaye. I never heard of the xylitol spray but it sounds good. (I worked as a computer teacher for a private school for one year. Ages from kindergarten thru High School. I developed such a series of colds that I felt like typhoid Mary at the Christmas party.)

  2. I'll be keeping lots of positive thoughts for Kaye! As for whether things work or not -- I am a true believer in positive thinking and I often think that if you believe it will work or will happen -- then it probably will! And certainly never hurts to try.

  3. When we want things to work, we sometimes fool ourselves into thinking that they are working. However, some things clearly do work for some people. I haven't heard of the xylitol, but I looked it up, and I will definitely try it.