Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evening Update

It's after eight. Kaye got out of surgery at 7 pm. The doc said it was obvious there was poor oxygen flow to the toe, however they just took the toe. Pete was sicker than a dog all day and it broke my heart to leave them. I didn't know he was sick. I was just there last night and he didn't mention feeling bad. It's hard to just not show up at school without warning and expect someone to take over without notes or anything, but I would have liked to stay and let him go home. They had put a local in her foot, so I told him as soon as she was settled they both needed to try and get a nap before it wore off.
Of course, it was necessary to do the oxygen monitor dance, like we've done now for two and a half years.
Um, the monitor isn't reading for some reason.
Umm, it never does, she has a disease that doesn't allow for great circulation in her finger, move it.
Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.

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