Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Flipper Maybe, but Close Enough

Happy Birthday my handsome grandboy Bean!
I cannot grasp that you are seven years old already.
When I was looking for places to stay for our big vacation, I had no idea we were only fifteen minutes from MarineLand. Ever since I first knew a person could swim with dolphins, I've longed to. I really never thought I would. Since our trip fell so close to your birthday, I thought that might make an amazing gift for both of us. I knew I would love it. I also knew that only the love for a grandchild, and a desire to make a wonderful lifelong memory with him would give me the courage to get in deep unknown water, in a swimming suit in public for Pete's sake, where they are taking my picture- have mercy. What I didn't know was how much you would love it. When I look back on that afternoon, I get all teary. You were all read up on dolphins before we got there and counting the days for a long time. I've taken you a lot of places and done a lot of things, but never have I seen you so excited. You were just about beside yourself. You worked hard at maintaining some composure while we were shown the dolphin's environment and learned about how they are cared for and the conservation efforts there. Then, finally, in the pool with a few of God's beautiful and amazing creatures. You weren't so sure of that dark,deep water (neither was I actually), but kind trainers had you warmed up pretty quickly. Pebbles and Aque were so friendly, and sweet, they were irresistible. Before long, all of us relaxed and simply enjoyed getting to know them. The time passed so quickly, but we learned so much and smiled a million smiles when we weren't gleefully laughing at their antics. You just about grinned your face right off.
You couldn't believe she'd roll right over for a tummy pat.

Wow, their skin felt so neat.
You loved wiggling your finger at Pebbles and having her talk right back to you. You learned the sound comes from the blow hole, not her mouth. You also felt how forceful the air comes out.

Group hug!
Will he bring it back?
So sad, the time to say, "Good-bye."
When it was said and done, you were still incredulous and exclaimed, "That was the most wonderful thing I've ever done in my life." "I want to grow up and be a dolphin trainer."
It certainly was a most wonderful thing in my life too, just as you've always been and continue to be. I just don't think there is anything like you. I hope we share many more wonderful experiences, though I think we'll have to put this one on up on the top shelf. I don't think I could match it. I love you and pray you are blessed with long life, good health, and many more fabulous experiences.
A besotted Gramerly


  1. What a wonderful vacation! You make me realize that I haven't even been to the beach this year even though I live nearby. I haven't been able to afford to stay overnight and it has been SO HOT! Even so, when Jonah gets back from Tennessee, I'm packing everybody up and heading to Fort DeSoto for a picnic. If you are ever in the Tampa Bay/St. Pete area, look us up!

  2. What a great gift! The picture of him kissing the dolphin is just priceless -- showed Grampy and even he said awwwwwwwwwwww. You may have outdone yourself!

  3. It's funny, I wondered when I was in town at the store, or whatever, how many of the people who live there spend much time on the beach. I know while we were there I saw the rental folk on the beach twice. It also made me wonder what is in my area that I never explore.
    Same to you Ms. Shari, if ever you roam up to the midwest, look me up!
    Thanks Kc, it is a priceless memory.

  4. We just did a dolphin adventure with a granddaughter at Sea World. She wasn't old enough to swim with the dolphins there, but we loved getting to touch and work with the dolphins. Unforgettable!