Friday, July 29, 2011

More Life's A Beach

The folks who own the house where we stayed also own the local coffee shop. We stopped there for coffee and hot chocolate before going to the Farmer's Market, where I purchased my first fresh summer tomatoes and cucumbers. Bean and Bugg love them almost as much as me. We then headed to back to the beach. Ol' Mother Hubbard was off to Saint Augustine, so we were the only ones on the beach for awhile until some neighbors joined us with an adorable puppy.
By this time Bean had mastered the waves.
Of all the pictures, this one is tops. Neither 1st Lt, nor Ceece can deny who parented this little chicken. She looks so much like both of them here, but mostly she looks like the cutest little beach baby ever. I wish I could've figured out a way to make that puppy tug on her swim bottoms. She tans so amazingly for a red head. What a little dolly.

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  1. I remember those billboards! And she would make the perfect Coppertone girl!