Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tonight while Bean was visiting, I pulled out his homework and found an old faithful friend,
Corduroy. I love that book. Being as young a first grader as he is, I was quite impressed with his fluency. He was only tripped up by "accident" and "palace." Though it is a children's book, there are many multi-syllabic words and he didn't even slow down.
It brought back memories of the many years I did the speech contest at the elementary school. Rae-rae did that book in first grade or second grade I think. She probably won, she did most years.
Due to President's Day, Bean is back on his Revolutionary and Civil War kick. How fortuitous that I had just purchased two CD's for him. One was American History stories about different wars, the first story being about Paul Revere and the second CD was all about Ol' Abe. That child is the best listener. I stuck the CD in the computer after we had discussed both wars, in addition to the War of 1812, all through supper. Supper takes a while when you have to stop and sing "The Battle of New Orleans" through several times. Miss Bugg loves that song as well. He sat quietly, simply absorbed in the story.
Never fear, while Bean was riding through Boston, Bugg was enthralled with a CD about princesses, in the playroom. Of course she had her dolls to act out what she was hearing. I love watching them learn and play and pretend. What a joy!
Kaye has thankfully averted another crisis and a better type of dialysis should be in place next Monday. Meanwhile a good friend and pastor, Steve, is fighting a ferocious infection and needs our prayers. As well, our little Gideon, who is not yet taking the hint that he needs to turn his wee self around to make his exit into this world, needs to do just that. Thanks for your prayers.


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  2. Somehow I missed Corduroy during my children's childhoods, but I received a review copy in 2008, upon the occasion of Corduroy's 40th birthday, and my grandchildren have been enjoying it ever since. Read my review here.