Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweetest Day

So Wednesday was the last day I would have the Bean and Bugg before Valentine's Day, so I covertly slipped their Pocket Loveys in their coat pockets, then told them I made them a storybook. After I read the story, they were checking their pockets. When they turned up empty, I told them to check their coat pockets. Both Bean and Bugg enjoyed their story and their new friend. The one above is Ninja, Bean's Lovey. I felted a wee heart on his back pocket in honor of the day.
Now I need to get busy on Ol' Mother Hubbard's oldest ones. I'll have to have Ol' Father Hubbard give me the low down on a tractor so I can make Ol' Henry's story an interesting one.
On a grandparents blog I read, the question was posed, "Are two year olds terrible or terrific?"
For the life of me I can't understand where that phrase could have originated. I love two year olds. Buttercup was here today, all two years and five months of her. She is certainly a bright little cookie, full of wonder and interest in the world. I love another chance to see life through her enthusiastic eyes.
We've been blessed with a bit of a warm-up, so I was able to swing her for a very long time. I am always making up songs as I swing and today it was about the ocean and dolphins. She was, of course, aboard the beloved dolphin swing. She added a verse about going out in a boat, of her own accord, right on tune. While we were swinging, one of the chickie girls announced the arrival of an egg. Buttercup said, "Oh, they are crying." I told her they weren't crying but clucking because someone laid an eggs. She exclaimed, "And eating with their little chins."
She counts to sixteen, and knows her colors. We were coloring today and I was drawing her. I just made a head and she said, "Where is my arms?" I added arms and asked, "What else is missing." She then told me everything that was missing from the picture as I drew each thing in place.
I love their vocabulary and trying out new things, some successfully, some not so much. We gathered eggs before she left. She peered in the nest and said, "Oh, you can't eat those sweaters." I was stumped for a second, before I realized there was a feather wrapped around an egg and that is what she meant. So adorable!
So thankful to the Good Lord today for the blessings of Buttercups and sunshine, and sweaters and feathers-sweet!
Now, if you pose a question about three year olds, I will have a completely different tale to tell!

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  1. There is nothing on Earth better than grandkiddos.They can melt our hearts,and work Papa and I like a couple of fiddles and we love every minute of it. =)