Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots of Sad

Isn't there a lot of sad in world?
My school kids and I adopted some folk enduring the rigors of cancer treatment this year. We send notes and cards and pray for them everyday. We started with four and now the list is six.
Ahh, heartbreaking. That's just cancer.
This past weekend I made my annual trek to Brown County with some girls. We call this group Bunco, though a die hasn't been cast in many a year, we've held tight to the name.
Someone was missing and we missed her.
Her husband I 've talked of before- Big D. Plans are underway for a stem cell transplant for him this spring. That in itself is huge and overwhelming, but her elderly mama has suffered a series of strokes and is not doing well. I've walked this walk, of life being moment to moment, crisis to crisis, crushing fears, hearts filled, broken, depleted. It is so awful and so huge.
Praise the Lord, He sends you a few people who saddle up for a long hard ride and make the effort to lift you up. It's hard to help people in this place, because when you're in it, you don't have enough brain cells to tell them what you need. I've found that there's a lot of people you consider friends, who, when not knowing what to do, do nothing. Ongoing illness can be a lonely place.
You can text, leave a message, send a card, drop a treat, go sit and hold a hand. Pray, pray, pray and let them know you are praying and that they aren't forgotten.
When someone you love life is in a compromised situation you carry that around like a hundred pound pack on your back and you can't take it off. Come along side and give some support to that person in your life.
I know your list is long too, but continued prayers for Big D's transplant, mama Lilly and Sweet D who is trying to keep all her plates spinning would be appreciated.

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  1. well piss. I was kind of hoping no news on D meant good news. they're back at the top of the list.