Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Gate

Isn't this a pretty gate? I had various ones of those plastic models, and they drove me to drink. Instead of always opening them, I'd try to step over them sometimes, to you know, save time. Except one time, I failed badly in my attempt and went sailing over and landed on the floor. There's a lot of me to land, and it wasn't pretty. So I pleaded with Handy Man to come up with something that was altogether lovelier and not so deadly. He did an awesome job, huh? That piece on the top just slides over to open, and back to shut. They lift off when you need to move it.
I need to move it.
I have a gate because at some point Addie-girl decided that leaving the kitchen/familyroom to go into another area of the house amounted to same thing as going outside. Then, little treasures were found in various places about the house. Handy Man, not being an inside dog man, was not amused.
It was so strange to come in Wednesday and close the gate behind me, only to realize there is no longer a need. Ahh, more tears. I feel like my eyeballs have been rolled in sand.
Why did I love you Addie-girl? Well, the one and only thing you ever wanted was to be where ever I was at. You never got tired of me, even when you really knew me. Even if I wasn't patient, or kind, or willing to play. I didn't even have to hold you, just be present. I'm amazed you never veered from that in fourteen years. You always loved to lay beside me, you never really liked snuggling. Even still you let me hold you like a baby for over an hour on Tuesday.
You were devoted, you kept me company and I wonder how long will I wake up and wonder about you, how long will I walk in and look for you, how many times will I go to check your water? Just wondering.

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  1. :-(. She may have loved only you, but she loved you something fierce. Sometimes I still expect Gandee's big ol moose head to come around the corner. It's hard and it takes time, but soon it won't be quite so devastating and you'll remember more and more of the fun stuff and less and less of the sad.

    (now go look at your flowers and smile)