Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blue Eyes

Remember this, taken just a day after our blue-eyed boy was born in August. Most of that caramel colored baby hair has fallen out and it looks like he might be a blondie like his sister. Drummer Boy's company always has their Christmas party two weeks after Christmas, usually in Nashville. Handy Man and I kept the baby overnight for the first time.
So big, almost five months already!
He has been pretty good with me this weekend, but still is crazy about his Pappy and likes to make conversation with him.
He's a snuggly baby that doesn't mind being smooched on-good thing. I had Handy Man move the feeder tray next to the window and he enjoyed watching the birds eat. All the seed on the pinecones is already gone as we've had more snow and nine degrees this morning- brrrrrr.
Peek -a-boo Gramerly!
Sweet dumpling!

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