Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to the Squatley's

Please do not stop by to visit.
My couch is on the front porch. It's lovely wondering what the neighbors are saying as they drive in and out.
This getting a new floor is a bit of a long and drawn out process.
First, how to use the wood we have. 1st Lt and Drummer boy came up with a plan. Here you see the border.That's oak and then a dark cherry strip.
How many Paris boys does it take to put in a wood floor? Three generations of backsides here. This has been so interesting to watch. Handy Man has always been the go-to guy for whatever projects the boys have found themselves involved over their head in, which seems to be something they do a lot (a trait I fear they inherited-from their mom). This time, wood flooring experience is on their side, so they are directing the Pappy-O. It's kind of neat to have a floor that all four of them had a hand in.

Whilst the menfolk are working, I'm in charge of feeding the masses and entertaining the girls. Growing and cutting playdough hair was the activity of the evening.
Snip, snip.
I called Kaye after work. She answered and sounded pitiful, wouldn't talk to me and handed the phone to Pete. Apparently, no new news, as they are still waiting to see a line of demarcation showing where oxygen has stopped. She is entirely miserable. So, on it goes until the next appointment on Tuesday.
One of students said to me yesterday, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a teacher and my room will look exactly like this one." Sweet.

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  1. Even with all 4 of those backsides together, it's hardly enough for 1 normal size one. ;-)