Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Day

All of my life I've heard of this little chapel in Crestwood, but have never been there. It's at the end of a wiggity path, where in parts you can barely pass an oncoming car, as Pete can attest. It is a memorial chapel in a little cemetery- very quaint.
The stain glass was beautiful.
The groom and his bride lovely.

Last year at this time I wouldn't have bet a nickel that Kaye or Mom either one would be here to share an event of any kind. They were both so very sick and in the hospital this time last year. But celebrate they did~

Mom meeting her newest great grandson while Annabelle gazes lovingly on.
Uncle 1st Lt. holding the boy who's eyes are going to be as big as his sisters.

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  1. Charming church, lovely couple, precious grandmothers, beautiful babies!