Saturday, January 23, 2010

Painting Up the Town

After a busy day at school and playplace, especially when it's cold and wet, Bean and Bugg just like to come over and chill awhile. They hunker down on either end of the couch with their silkie (a baby blanket that no longer covers them unless they're scrunched in a ball), pillow, drink and snack. For his afternoon snack, Bean poured pistachios in a baking dish to munch (the nuts, not the dish) while resting. If you are wondering, the preferred container for his green tea with locally harvested honey and Bugg's chocolate milk, is a bottle. That's another repeated tradition. My own mom always kept those little cute pastel colored plastic baby bottles and the kids drank out of them as long as their wee hearts desired. Bugg and Bean think it's so funny.
After a bit, Bugg disappeared to go potty. It seemed she was taking a long time and as I decided I better go check about her, turned around to this. I exclaimed, "Well, Miss Bugg, did you need to get your lipstick on? " She honestly replied, "No, YOURS." Well then.

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