Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Boy and His Creek

Bean can smell a change in the temperature, which brings on a immediate need for some creek play. I picked them up from daycare and his first concern was the condition of the creek and the chance of a visit. I felt like it had warmed up enough for a little trip.He never seems to tire of the creek. I
am so thankful.
Oh, there's a Grumpy Ol' Troll under
the bridge.
The thawing ice made some beautiful crystals.

I put his feet in plastic bags, then his rain boots. He said, "Is this going to be comfortable enough when I'm walking?" I told him I thought he'd be okay, but to walk carefully- one fall, and in we go, because you can't be wet and outside in winter. Thankfully, he'd had a good play time before landing in an icing puddle, standing up quite rapidly and declaring emphatically, "Time to go!"

Skipping rocks on ice is awesome. It
skips just like on water only much further and lots more skips.
Buttercup is going to be our beach bunny I think. In spite of my best attempts to convince her of the joy of rock tossing or moss plucking, she was not amused with the ice and snow and did not care to participate in frolicking in the creek.

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