Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Basket Runneth Over

Snowy and Black Thermostat, who's name I'm changing to Pappy's Girl, since it fits her better.
We're getting 6 or 7 eggs a day now. I really enjoy the egg sharing aspect as much as anything about this little adventure.
So, in addition to chickieherder, I'll add chickie vet to my list of accomplishments. Some little Cluckingham witch is picking on Snowy and made her little comb bleed today. Handy Man snuggled her up and I put peroxide and antibiotic oinment on her. I've read that chickie girls like the taste of blood and will kill another chicken. How disgusting, I mean seriously. So we doctored her up and put her in the coop on the roost until she gets to feeling better.
Bean and Bugg came to visit this week. Bean really seems to be handling his broken arm quite well and is doing pretty good in his school work in spite of it. He made me a thank you card for coming to his class with the girls. I wish I had a scanner so I could post it. So sweet. His teacher was kind enough to send me some pictures she had printed in a class thank you as well.
I love how Bean tells me about poems and songs he's learning. Then he said, "I have a book I want to show you." I thought it was a little kindergarten picture book, but no, it was a Ripley's Believe It or Not and he wanted to show me a chicken who got it's head cut off, but lived for three days. Though headless chickens aren't as exciting to me as to him, I love how interested he is in reading. No matter what I read him now, he's picking out every word he knows. Music to a Gramerly/teacher's heart.
He has always been so aware of what is going on around him. When I picked them up from Playplace, I told them we were going to a Cross Country meet. My little fourth graders think it is very important for their teacher to show up at a game. Anyway, Bean said, "Oh, Cody's going to a meet too, to watch his brother." Sure enough, his little friend was there. Bean also picked the principal and assistant out of the crowd and walked right up to them and said, "Hello."
We went by my Mom's to take her some eggs. Bean asked why we needed to visit her. I told him, "When your Daddy was little that was his Granny, just like I am your Gramerly." "Now she is much older and has been very sick and still isn't feeling well, and sometimes gets lonely, so we need to visit her." Of course it's still his Daddy's Granny.
My sister, who lives and cares for my Mom and her husband, Auntie G-Lou, entertained them with bubbles, then took them on a pinecone hunting adventure. Now I have a gigantic sack of pinecones that Bean and Bugg can't wait to make a glittery masterpiece with. Thanks Auntie G-Lou!! Mom was glad to see them and to have some more eggs. Neither she, nor her husband are doing very well. She just can't get enough air to get through a sentence, and he is just slipping away.
I am off to Hobby Lobby this afternoon for gallons of glue and glitter-yee, haw!


  1. I found you from Fast Grow the Weeds. Those are some nice looking eggs you have there. We have 5 chickens, but lately, they have taken to laying in places other than the coop nest boxes, and every day is an egg hunt. Some days we get 1, 2, or 3. Some days none. How many chickens do you have?

  2. We bought 21 chickens from MY Pet Chicken, born June 8, arrived June 10. Only two are roosters and one was killed by my puppy.
    So we have 18 chickie girls. Neither of the Andlusians are laying because there are no white eggs.
    Today we got 9-woo, hoo.
    So far, all eggs have been found in the coop.
    I guess you are always on an Easter Egg Hunt huh?
    Thanks for stopping by.