Thursday, November 26, 2009

All is Well, God is Nigh

Roy Stebe
May 13, 1928 - November 26, 2009
Rest so peacefully now

I called Mom to check in about 7 this evening when the last Thanksgiving guests had gone and Aunt G-Lou told her while I was on the phone that the time was close.
I went on down to Mom's house. Mom was worried that the end would be a struggle for him to breathe, so my niece and I sat with him the last twenty minutes. She patted and I sang and breaths were smaller and smaller, till finally no more came. A very peaceful ending.
Aunt G-Lou can feel very satisfied that he was in his home, safe with her and Mom and no suffering. My sister would not have done any better job loving and caring for him than if was her father or her child.
If you know and love my Mom, I'm sure she would appreciate your thoughts, prayers, or maybe a visit.

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