Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glitter, Glitter, Gone

Today was Veteran's Day. My fourth graders prepared and served about 45 veterans breakfast. Then we have a very sweet and touching program. It's a lot of work, but when a 94 year old gentleman hugs me and tell me through tears, how much he loved it and others about knocking me down to tell me it's the best program they've ever been invited to and how appreciated they felt, then I'm like "Okay, that was worth it. Ha, there are others that just want to tell about how good the breakfast was. 1st Lt. and my sweet Bugg came for breakfast, then had to leave for Bean's program. Bugg was all decked out in firecracker finery. I picked them up after school and they gathered 11 eggs. Bugg fixed and ate one and Bean ate four. Then, it was time to make the pine cones sparkle. Bugg did not feel a cone was complete until all glitter was shaken from the jar. The fact that every speck of glue was long since covered ten times over, made no difference. The joy is in the shaking I guess. Look at her blue-eyes, my sweet girl.
Now Bean, he took this very seriously. He told me, "I'm making some of these for ornaments for the retired home ( did you know they're retiring homes these days), then for the Army, then the Navy and , well, those other ones, oh, and for the hospital." His momma is all about service projects and his daddy too with military, so it's precious to see it falling out in him. He got a cast change today. Pins come out next Tuesday- eeeee, I'm dreading that for him.
A friend asked to see pictures of my Easter Eggers that lay colored eggs. They are the shyest of my girls. Henny Penny picks on Cheeky, I don't know why, but anyway, here they are.



And our first laying Easter Egger-Elvira.
We had our local free range beef delivered yesterday and are about to enjoy (I hope) a steak.
Then off to the Science Fair and lastly, Bunco. I really need a few more things to do.

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