Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blue Skies Smiling at Me

Wow, I thought it was supposed to rain this weekend. Of course, the last I checked the weather, it was probably Tuesday.

It was really a hectic week. For the past four weeks, I've done an Interact simulation game about Egypt with the 4th - 6th grade. A little guy in our school asked me a couple of years ago if I would do Egypt when I had him and I told him I would. This is the year he came to me, so it's been Egypt all of September. In an interesting turn of events, the world King Tut exhibit was in Indy at the Children's Museum and I applied for free tickets for the kiddos last March and got them. Our big field trip, 6:30 am to 7:30 pm was this past Wednesday. Tuesday was Kaye day, Mom's birthday on Thursday and Kaye day again Friday. By Friday night at 10 I was almost too tired to drive home.

Mom is pitiful and that's all. She can't breathe without the steroids and they make her shaky and food unpalatable. I'm so very sad that she has to be in such a state. My sister takes excellent care of her and Roy, but still, she is having a very hard time of it.

Kaye's last dose of antibiotic for the infection was Friday, which scares me to death. It's just hide and watch for it to rear it's ugly dragon head again. I don't feel like she talks as well as she did before this last bad bout. I however have finally gotten a game face and can nod with assurance that convinces her I know what she means. She either dreams or imagines some fairly interesting things that she wants to whisper to me in conspiritorial tones. Sometimes I do not get one word. Other times, just a word or two and I can piece the content together. She ate a really good super when I was there and was relatively content throughout the evening. Which translates to mean she only cried twice and didn't have me call Pete at all.

Today I had to the joy of leaving town with a couple of sweet friends to introduce them to Stream Cliff Farm in Commisky. Imagine, we chose the most beautiful day of the year.

Soaking up sunshine, herbs, flowers and good conversation with great people is a wonderful way to shed the heaviness of the week. Add some good food and it felt a little like I imagine paradise to be. I got a great deal on a few plants for Rae Rae's new house. I came home feeling quite refreshed.

I was happy to find 1st Lt. and Bean at home. I haven't seen Bugg or Bean since last Saturday and was missing them most fiercely. I bought Bean a little hard sand sarcophagus with a mummy inside waiting to be chiseled free by wee hands. That kid spent over an hour working on that little project to free Mr. Mummy, then carefully put him together. 1st Lt. said, "You would never spend that long on anything at home." Bean replied, "I never have anything this fun at home."

Then we had a little time in the dolphin sing. After the new version of "Twinkle, Twinkle," he wanted to hear it right off. Of course, we needed to write a new chorus about freeing the mummy in our great archaeological dig. Good times.

I also got Rae Rae's wedding album and a new little Jewish Prayer book, so I'll end the evening with that. Sweet.

Did you get to enjoy this beautiful day? Hope so.

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