Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feels a Little Fallish Today

Looks like fall has arrived just when expected. Of course around here that doesn't mean much. It could still snow on Halloween or be 80 degrees, but it was sure my kind of weather out there today.
I spent the day with Kaye. She is making progress day by day, but still hasn't recovered the strength she had. So far it appears the antibiotic is keeping the Klebsillia infection arrested.
She really had a good appetite today and ate the most I've seen her eat. I had her help me fix the cornbread. Pete commented that I always thought of things to do with her that he never thinks of. I reminded him that number one, he has a lot of the other things on his mind, and number two, it's what I'm in the habit of doing with grandkids and a classroom. While he'd get out of sorts if the cornmeal went flying, I'd just sweep it up and move on.
Kaye reminds me of a child of three or four. She is very aware of all that's going on around her in some ways, also very stubborn. Pete, naturally enough, is her security blanket, and she is not happy when she doesn't have his attention. For instance, today she wanted the bathroom cleaned, though she hasn't darkened the door of that bathroom in six months. So, Pete proceeds to clean the bathroom, then she is mad at him for doing something she can't be a part of. She goes from laughing to sobbing in a heartbeat. Twice this week she had in her mind that I was coming and ended up in tears because I didn't show. So, even though she wants me there, she still wants Pete there too. Pete needed to start her back on her allergy shots today and she cried and cried over that as well. So, that's where she's at.
Mom still has a very scary cough though she is better. We got a sad report from the doctor that she has what they refer to as "Old Brain,"- ya think., I mean, won't we all if we live to be old. Anyway, she has hardening of the arteries, her renal function is slowing and dementia is progressing. Ahhh, bless her heart. Her birthday is Thursday. She will be 81.
My little Bugg celebrated her third birthday on Saturday with a cupcake party. She looked so adorable in her little pink dress with a cupcake on the front. My sweet girl.
Rae Rae and Micahael with a lot of help from family and friends, finally got moved into their new place. Hooray!

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