Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Break of Sorts

Well, after the night on the town with the little princesses, I continued on with big fall break plans.
In order to attend the Granparent Day activities, I would have had to miss work. I asked Bean, if since I had a fall break just a couple of weeks later, would he rather I come to Grandparent's Day, or wait and come to read a story or do something on my fall break. Bean chose fall break. Since his teacher is a sweet friend of mine, she kindly invited me to do whatever I wanted to do. Umm, well, I don't do so well without boundaries. I am a plate-colorer you see. Oh, you don't see? Perhaps an explanation is in order.
Back in the day of children's birthday parties, I was often forced to cancel due to weather, as my kiddos are all born the end of January or beginning of February. So, after we moved to this house, I only had family for birthdays and then had a big summer party for the kidlets. One year, I had Christmas in July, but I couldn't find any Christmas paper goods, because way back when, those didn't come out until after Halloween-gasp, imagine. Yes, it was the dark ages. Anyway, I got my little stencils and green crayons and colored them-plates, cups, napkins. Yes, I did. I sure did. Now, do you think one of the wee folk even noticed the beautful Christmas motif on their plate, cup, napkin? Hardly, but of high interest was the goody on and in paper stuff.
I realized I have a bad habit of doing what doesn't really amount to much, but takes a lot of time, hence I've used the term, Plate-Colorer, for myself ever since.
It wouldn't be so bad, except I rope innocent bystanders in on the plate coloring fun. I've probably lost you. Okay, back to the story.
Well, earlier this year I took a couple of chickie girls to school and showed them to pre-school and pre-K and read, as you might guess, Little Red Hen. I asked Bean if he'd like me to visit with the girls and read a story and he did, and the sweet teacher friend agreed.
Well, if you're going read the story, you need some wheat to show the kids, and some wheat kernals and some ground wheat you know. Naturally, they are going to want to taste that bread Little Red Hen is bragging about. What is homemade wheat bread without some homemade butter? Then, you want them to get into the story, so each of them have to have a little mask of a story character to hold up and quack, "Not I", said the duck. One must be sure the story was comprehended, so puppets of the characters are needful for re-telling. Puppets are no fun without a puppet stage. Lucky for me, I had Bunco the night before and duck bill and puppet coloring were passed off on my friend girls, who did a particularly marvelous job. I just don't think kindergarten students could grasp Little Red Hen's dismay at all that grinding without giving it a whirl. I had no mortar or pestle, so while I was at Bunco, Handy Man Pappy was coloring plates in the wood shop. Woo-hoo, a big time was had by all. Little Red Hen and Davy Crockett were on their best chickie girl behavior, the kids inhaled the bread and butter, and Bean was a happy, butter making boy. And the sweet teacher friend, God love her, managed to keep smiling throughout.

"Come butter come, Bean is at the gate, waiting for his butter cake, come butter come." Recited by all children in turn as they shook the cream.
Tah-dah ! A mortar and pestle, and just let me say, it is very hard to grind that stuff. Thanks Handy Man.

My friend girls are so talented. Thanks Bunco.
Okay, so I left school, returned the girls to their pen, and went to decorate for Baby Boy's baptism.

Then on Saturday, we baptised him.
How precious is this hunk a hunk of burning love?

I needed to smooch those chubbiest cheeks.
Then I cleaned up, and went to the hospital to check on my poor Beanie Boy, who took a tumble off the monkey bars and broke his wee wrist in two places.
On Sunday, Buttercup came to visit, then poof- fall break was done.

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