Thursday, September 3, 2009

In Our Own Little Wing at the Hospital

Would that were so-no such luck. Mom and Kaye are both still in the hospital. Mom is somewhat better. She can walk some now. That gave her blood thinner when she went in, thinking it was her heart and she's coughed so hard she black and blue with bruises. She doesn't think she's better, but I thought she seemed a little more like herself. She has just about coughed herself to death. She's on steriods, then they gave her a sleeping pill that sent her right off the deep end. We don't have a tendency to respond properly to meds in this family.

Kaye was sleeping while I was there. I had to go to grocery and just got in the door when the phone rang. She woke up and I guess she must have heard me talking in her sleep and then proceeded to have a bad dream and was quite upset. So she told me all about it in her raspy, I'm weak and get enough air, pitiful voice. I only understood "some guy" out of the whole story. When I told her I was home and fine, she cried. I hate to have bad dreams, pray not to and seldom do, thank the Lord. It's interesting because last night I had a bad dream and it stays with me, like forever. I feel horrible that she's having these dreams and hallucinations and doesn't know reality from fiction. I can't understand why since that med she only took three times has to be out of her system by now and the infection is much better. This is day ten already. Have mercy!

I feel like the prayer beggar, but my family is feeling a little frayed, particularly the parties who've been primary caretakers of my Mom and Kaye. I really don't know anything else that will pull us through.

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