Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They are Here!

So, our adventure as chicken farmers begins today!
I was very nervous this morning waiting for "The Call."
Finally, the phone rang at 9:15 and the caller ID said, "US Govt." Indeed, it was the post office alerting me to arrival of our new baby chicks. I grabbed the camera and headed out to meet them. I could hear their little peeps as I walked in. Another man came in as soon as the worker handed me the box. He pleasantly said, "Well, wonder how many made it. You know my brother owns a pet store and he says only about half of the parakeets ever make it." Umm, thanks so very much for sharing. I quite timidly opened the box and nervously peeked inside. All twenty-one chicks I ordered, plus an extra were peeping to beat the band. Then another lady with what looked to be a two and a four year old came in and the man again pipes up, "Well there's someone who I bet would like to see what you have in the box." So, being kind, I showed them the chickies. The lady was aghast. "Why do you have chickens here?" she questioned. "I just picked them up," I replied. "They came in the MAIL!" "Yes, they did." "Were they a surprise? I mean who would send someone chickens?" "No, they weren't a surprise, I ordered them." She was incredulous.
I had the warming box ready and put them in with food and water as soon as I got home. It didn't take long until they were eating and drinking and pooping like crazy. Bean and Bugg, my grandson and granddaughter, came for the day and naturally were so excited. Bean said he planned to name another chick every time he came, but for today he'd name one, Yellow Chick Awesome.
Later I checked their little chickie bottoms to make sure no one was pasting up and sure enough, there was one with a big hard poo blob stuck to it's littlest self. I explained to the two and four year old what happened and what we had to do and Bean said, "I want to help you paste the chicken's butt back." Clearly, more explanation was needed. Anyway, we cleared away the dried mess and hopefully Chicken Little Pasty Bottom will make a quick recovery.
Pictures to follow as soon as I get this all figured out.


  1. I know a 10 year old named Rosie who'd like to see Yellow Chick Awesome and company.

  2. You are welcome to come. We'll be here tomorrow playing all day.