Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Love

Umm, I think Buttercup likes the lid and cup better than the chick.

Bean wants to pose with all the chickies.

Little Miss Blue-eyed Buttercup

The Trunchbull and Little Red Hen-both two weeks old.

I just returned from the local Farmer's Market. Let me just say, I love Farmer's Markets. A local chef was cooking food donated from vendors. So simple really, grilled red cabbage and pork loin tossed in a dash of a simple vinegar, oil, sugar dressing-divine. My mother-in-law loves swiss chard, but hasn't been able to find it in the grocery, so I was able to pick up some for her. For our culinary delights, I scooped up peas, purple and green cabbage, beets, onions and some no-hormone, grass grazed meat. The sausage is now in the pan, smelling fabulous and Handy Man will be thrilled to have a late breakfast for lunch after Saturday work. I stepped out my door to pick a little fresh sage to add to the sausage. I love summer.

Do any of you support your local farmers?

Only two pasty bottoms in Chickville today. The bigger ones are getting wild and crazy and flying around everywhere as soon as I take the lid off the brooder. Today is the big day when they go out in the Chicken Tractor. It is certainly warm enough-yucck! I'm surprised at the difference in growth rate amongst the chickies. Look at the difference in Little Red Hen and The Trunchbull.

I had all my little gramerlings yesterday. Buttercup, who is just nine months old tomorrow, was able to join us. She isn't so sure about the chicks, but thinks she might like to grab one. She is so funny with Bugg. I would so love to know what she's thinking. She had been playing with Bean and I, when Bugg stumbled, still sleepy from napping, onto the play scene. Buttercup immediately crawls over to her and is babbling a mile a minute, grabs her curls, pulls up to Bugg's face, all excited like she's about to eat her. I wonder if she thinks Bugg is a big doll. Bugg certainly looks like a big dolly. We painted, played in water, petted chickies, colored, sang all our favorite songs while swinging, you know, the usual.

Yesterday, I was looking through some old pictures and came across a picture I made of Kaye and her family at her daughter's wedding rehearsal. It's easy sometimes for me to forget that Kaye, I am so wrapped up in the now Kaye. Most surprising to me were her eyes in the wedding photo that just look like eyes, smiling eyes. To me, she is all eyes now-confused eyes, hurt eyes, scared eyes, and now and again, the longed for understanding eyes. She was just pitiful last night. She is always whupped after dialysis, but she never slept more than five minutes on my 5-12 pm shift. She was sick at her stomach and up and down, up and down. On a positive note, she talks a lot and some of it I get. Even when I understand what she says, it isn't always about something real. Last night she wanted me to go check the doors at the bank, and she is not happy when I don't mind her ( some things haven't changed at all-ha).

I took Bean and Bugg with me to the nursing home yesterday. When we pulled up 2 yr old Bugg said, "This is a nurse house?" When we got inside she was a little shy. She asked, "Is this a hospital?" When I answered, "Yes," she questioned, "Where are all the doctors?" Good question Bugg, really good question. Later she noted that Aunt Kaye's bed was like her crib at home.

They were really good for their little visit.
It was a very full day.

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