Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Picture Perfect without the Picture

What an exciting bit of summer fun. Today was our usual poopie playdate. After a note from Davy Crockett that led us to a treasure map, we headed off into the woods, dark and deep, over the tree bridge, and to the big Maple tree with the cool gnarly roots, and dug for treasures.
And, after many attempts to post a picture of my little Davy wanna-be with his treasure, I give up. Ahh, fuss and bother!
It was a perfect creek day as well. Enough rain to clean things out and have a flow through the troll tunnel, and to ripple on down the creek, hot enough so no creek players minded if they fell in, and most did, and lots of critters to catch and admire. Fruit snacks, Popsicles, and lemonade made for a perfect day.
Uh, well, there was one not so perfect part. We have several bird houses, in hopes of providing bluebirds a nesting spot. One of our houses had chickadees. Today, Bean and Bugg and I were seeing if the bluebirds had started a new nest, since our last family fledged. After checking the box, we decided to check on the chickadees. A rather horrifying scene was revealed. At least one dead bird in the box, covered by ants. Nature isn't always pretty and I know they need to know about that side of things too. I didn't investigate too much and will allow the Handy Man to clean out the debris-ewwwww.
In chicken land, we still have a few pasty bottoms. I must've looked at 25 sites yesterday about the problem. One person said to try mineral oil to clean them off and another said she always fed her chickie babies oatmeal and never had a pasting up problem. So, I've been using mineral oil and feeding oatmeal. I don't know if it's one of those items, or they are outgrowing the problem, but it is better today.
I'm getting them ready to go outside and enjoy the chicken tractor, lovingly made by the Handy Man, so I fill a plastic box with pine shavings, sprinkle some grit and diatomaceous earth on it and a little food, and watch them scratch and play and dust themselves. It is actually quite entertaining. Today Bean and Bugg caught worms and bugs for them and the chickie girls had some fun with those. If it's above 85 degrees next week, they'll be spending a lot of their days outside.
It's amazing how fast they grow. Some are sprouting little tail feathers this week. Bean christened another chick today with Black Cool.

Kaye has had a bit of a tough week. Eventhough there is no infection, she just coughs and coughs and can't understand why we won't give her something to fix it. She still can't have clear liquids and she doesn't like the stuff that thickens her drinks. Life is sure hard sometimes, huh?

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