Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Social Butterfly

I tell ya, I've had more company this month than all together the past year (well, if you don't count Playdate).  It started on the first with a tea, then had some folks for supper, some folks for lunch, some more folks for supper.  A happy, yummy time!
In between, the wee folk were out to paint scarecrows and make cakes.

 Taking every opportunity to love up our little Wayside Sassy Pants.  As soon as she came in last week, she asked for Pap. I told her he was at work. She wasn't too happy with that answer and told me that she was going to put him in the washing machine when he got here Then when he got here, she told him the same thing.
Littlest bit- I wonder if she will remember us at all.  I don't know. I just hope she remembers some fun experiences, being fed, safe, loved.

Well, in the last batch of chicks I got a couple of rare ones.  I feel like, if I'm going do this, might as well keep the gene pool stirred up.  Any who, this rare Cream Leg Bar was said to lay a blue egg and not always in the next box. I wasn't worried because I only got one of her and chickens are such followers and there is already someone above Missy Loretta Hen in the pecking order. Well, what do I know? Everyday is an Easter Egg hunt around these parts.  It took me a week to finally stumble on this nest. Not only does that heifer not lay in the nest, she is convincing her girlfriends to check out her spot.  When I finally found the first nest, I marked two eggs and put them back. Yeah, well they are still there.  Just in case, I left two marked in this last one I found as well.  Apparently they aren't happy with the blue and white of their eggs and have to roll and roll them in brown leaves until they are dyed brown. Brat chickens.
 For sometime I've followed a blog of the author, Margaret Bloom. I so love her cutest peg dolls and I love, when I have time, ahem, to give her patterns a try.  I don't know a lot of folks personally who get as big a kick out of peg dolls, fairies and the like as I do.  Her adorable little dolls just make me smile.  She recently had a give-a-way of a couple of fall dolls made by her own talented hand, and I won!  How excited was I to get this tiny package in the mail from far away.
 And more excited still to find these two wee characters inside.  Perfect time for them to visit my fairy fort.  I put them back in box and left them on the table.  My little ones miss nothing new and were so excited to look inside.
 Wow, also of month of good gifts.  It is still so warm and garden produce is still coming for some. Aunt Tish received tomatoes, beans, and peppers and garlic.  I sliced and fried up the green tomatoes.  Oh my, so delicious.
 Salsa that we have eaten and eaten.
 Another friend gave me corn for the freezer. Now it is a blessing for true to get any produce, but to get it already ready for the freezer. Wow, what a gift.  I got it out and made creamed corn.
 Then green beans.  A feast for kings.
This was a full weekend of warm sunshine. Yesterday, I took Bean and Bugg on an adventure. They took lots of pictures, so I'll save that for a later date.  It was fun.
Today, I messed in the yard and chicken coop and hunted eggs.  
Ahh, school and Halloween- a wild time awaits me.


  1. What all of you are doing for that little girl is so special and I bet she will have memories of it all. Sure would be nice if she could always be that safe, secure and loved. Hope you survived Halloween!

  2. You have been busy! Chickens can be set in there ways. Funny that you had to roll them in leaves to turn brown!