Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pushing Through

So, after the kids went home from the sleep over, I took a big nap, but had lots more to do.  I needed to make the caramel and get it and the fudge on their way to New Jersey the next morning.
I did some last minute shopping and went to Mom's early to get the "Shower Hour" out of the way before our last Christmas Tea.  She actually didn't try to talk me out of it this time. It was another warm balmy, weird December day, so after the shower we strolled about  outside and came in to listen to some music. She was not impressed so we headed upstairs to await our visitors.
Wednesday was my traditional Black Bean Omelet Christmas with Ol' Mother Hubbard's cupboard.

 They've outgrown their little aprons and chef hats I fear.  It seems like such a short time ago they were huge.

I barely finished their gifts in time to wrap them.  

Whilst Antebellie entertained us her talent on the recorder, Baby Boy and Miss Linnee served us tea and cookies.
 Then it was time for a piano recital.
 Mother Nature, not to be outdone, put on such a show of pounding rain and hail, that we had to watch.

 The hail piled up like slush.

 We snuggled on the couch for "The Light Before Christmas." The girls wanted to dress up in their fancy scarves, only the fancy dress-up get ups fit them like a glove and nearly takes my breath at how old and grown up they look.  Time just keeps moving right along.
Up next, Granny's Christmas Eve in her new digs.

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  1. You made me remember, I want to have Amara try on all her old dress up clothes! I have a feeling they will actually fit now. It is just amazing how quick they grow. Love your pictures.