Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pah Rump a Pum Pum and On We Go

A whirring dervish season. Gwanfader brought a fancy cookie tray and kit to the Gingerbread Party and I saved it  for a Playdate activity.  Last Tuesday we enjoyed creating a snowman and playing with parachutes.

Wednesday evening was the school Christmas program. Kudos to Ms. Glitzy and her team for a heartfelt message and much Christmas cuteness. 
Thursday evening I visited Uncle Jimi. It was astounding and wonderful to see the progress he'd made in only three days.  Ol' Mother Hubbard and the chicklets were finally able to visit.  
Sometimes you have your camera AND you remember to use use it- hurrah! 
 Happy campers all!

All month, I've just done the next thing. Very little being ahead of the game for me this December. So Friday morning found my desk covered with the gifts for my class.  I am so blessed to have had enjoyed small classes these past two  years.  Often, during our Advent Teas, my students have experienced hot tea for the first time and many really enjoy it.  This year I decided their gift, in addition to the traditional 3D glasses and knitting needles, would be their very own china tea cup and we'd continue to have afternoon teas throughout the winter months.  Inside each cup was a bear of our honey.

Next, we were off to Mass, to share the last of the very many songs and readings we learned and practiced again and again this month.
 And, each angel stitchery for their families was completed on time, under Gardener E's expertise.  I just received a Christmas card from the family of two wonderful boys I got to teach, one for two years.  He graduated this past spring.  His mom mentioned getting out the Christmas art they did in fourth and fifth grade.  So sweet.

Another nine weeks and semester done.  Time to prepare for my home Christmas.

While rejoicing mightily at Jimi's recovery, I've alternated being a teary mess.  Giddy-Up and Mr. Smiley, Michael and Rae-Rae learned on Sunday that their sweet Grammie didn't wake up Sunday morning.  She was just with us at Thanksgiving, loving up on those babies and asking me for my coconut cream pie recipe.  How missed she will be. Heartfelt sympathy to the Bailey's and Peterson families this Christmas.
Gwanfader and my sister-in-law are saying a very sad, "Good-bye,"  to her precious sister Renee. 
 My Andrea and Arie, who lost Arie's father just weeks ago, got a scare when Andrea's husband experienced a heart attack this week. Thankfully, he is on the mend.
Life, oh my, doesn't stop for Christmas does it? 
And, next.

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  1. Seriously -- 2014 has just been filled with sickness and hospital stays. I will be glad to move on to 2015! I love that you gave them tea cups and with a little bear of your very own honey! How sweet! Merry Christmas to all of you!