Saturday, December 6, 2014

After the Turkey

After Thanksgiving, it is always turkey salad and the first advent .  I do like it to look a bit like Christmas and had little time and much to do before moving into Christmas.  I realized my outdoor decorations were quite pitiful. Handy Man took me to buy a few new pretties and we cleaned and cleaned.  I was glad to get so much accomplished.
Ms. Gardner E. enjoyed a wee concert from our newest Little Drummer Boy.  That baby is on the move and checking out everything.

 Great Grandma Betty was able to join the festivities.  I love this look on Giddy-up's face. "Umm, you are interrupting my play for another picture?  Really?
Well, I got a lot done, but sadly a still very bare tree.  It smelled good.

 Time to light the candle and read one of Gramerly's most favorite books, Who was Born on that Special Night? I was having a tough time reading and wrestling Mr. Smiley Drummer Boy, so Bean said, "Here, I'll read it."
Wow, they are growing and growing.  
How do you count the days to Christmas?

Jimi is ever so much better.  Praying stability continues, so he can lose the trach and feeding tube as quickly as possible.  


  1. I am really struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year. I don't even have the tree up so you are way ahead of me! Love the picture of the Little Drummer Boy!

  2. So good to see you in some of the pictures...loads of fun for everyone!