Monday, December 9, 2013

The Polar Express

My love of the Christmas book, The Polar Express, goes way back. I think about 21 years.  I've shared the story here of my two year old nephew upstaging me at Mom's on Christmas Eve, while I was reading said book to a captive audience.  I was very excited to see the movie, but as is usual for me, didn't love it as much as I did the book. I thought the book was just a big warm fuzzy and the movie was a tad dark in places.
Well, a town not too far from us creates a Polar Express experience for children on an old train.  Ceece had tickets and the Cpt. was out of town, so I got to go.  The terrible weather the night before and more terrible weather expected made me a bit nervous, but thank the Lord, we went and returned without a problem.  Not so for the semi, overturned in someone's yard and eggs, eggs, everywhere.
So, the kiddies wear their jammies, some adults too. I just wore a Christmas sweatshirt.
Won't you join us?

All Aboard

 You have to get your ticket punched, multiple times with punches flying all about.
 The story is read and when you get to the warm cocoa that tastes like melted chocolate bars, the chefs bring you a drink and a cookie, and one girl is so happy.
 Time to dance in the aisles to one of my favorite Christmas tunes, "We Need a  Little Christmas"

 Someone who is nine, does not want to be drafted into the elfin chorus line.

 An appearance by the jolly old elf himself, handing every boy and girl a silver bell.
 And it does make beautiful music as this little sprite discovered.
 One last good-be to our entertaining elves.
 This is followed by a trip to Denny's for breakfast.  I so enjoyed watching Missy Bugg enjoy every part.  It was a fun time.  Thanks Ceece for including me.
I do wish another grandma could have been included.  Oma continues to have a very tough time.  When one thing is resolved, another creeps up and she is in real need of prayers at this time.

Still no word on the adoption scene.

Another rough, icy morning expected.  Already our principal has called a delay. I'm expecting some company to do a little elving ourselves tomorrow evening, so I can use the time.
A Gingerbread Party, trip to The Polar Express, brunch with my siblings and 3 batches of fudge has left me grateful for feeling good throughout, but ready for a big nap.

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling good and were able to go and enjoy this -- and then share it with everyone. All the smiles speak for themselves! I have always thought the Polar Express would be fun to do -- they have on at the Grand Canyon, too which isn't that far but we've just never done it! Yet!