Monday, December 23, 2013

Guitar Guys and Girls Galore

For family Christmas Round #2 the guitars were again a big hit. There was much toe tapping and strumming.
Rock Star!

But even better than jamming is playing while balancing yourself on a balance board.

But more than the presents, this is what I love to see.
 A sweet friend gifts me an online Advent calendar every year that Missy Bugg just loves. You can't click on the day till the day arrives, so each time she comes she's anxious to get to the next activity and here she is anxious to share it with Giddy-up.

Now, an older one reading to a younger one and though Christmas chaos abounds, they are lost in the telling and the listening- be still my heart.

Even great guitars are no match for a rescue helicopter for a 3 yr. old boy.

 A special beloved friend we haven't seen since new hubby whisked her away to Wyoming last fall was able to join us. Joy, joy!

 Bugg, Bean and Giddy-up opted to spend the night, so the fun continues.......

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  1. I love how you are stretching Christmas into a week long event! Wonderful pictures!