Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Return of Playdates 2012

Our weird warm weather continues here in the Ohio Valley. On my Spring Break, I always have the gramerlings over to make Easter candy. I picked this day, as thunderstorms were predicted. Looks pretty stormy to me. I knew, owing to the warm sun and blue sky, that no one would want to sit around the table painting candy molds, so out we went. Baby Giddy-up enjoyed a visit with his pretty little cousin Miss Bugg.

I love this discovery that sticking out a tiniest toe finds a whole new texture.
Hmm, what is that I feel?

Ahhh, this is the way Bean now rides in the Dolphin Swing. All stories now include Daddy and Afghanistan.
We were proud and happy to include a new Playdate member this year. Aunt Lois joined us today and plans to be a part of our Playdates. She walked in with just her cane. After a bad fall last week and a still purple/black noggin, I was mighty relieved to see her moving around so well. I so love that Playdates will now be four generations. I love that it is important to her to know these children who are so very important to me.
Time for a little lawn mower repair for heading to the creek.

Stay tuned for some hysterical pictures of Gideon's discovery that the mold he was painting held something tasty. So funny.


  1. Wonderful photos and sounds like it was a wonderful day!