Saturday, March 17, 2012


As strange as it seems, when I'm weary I not only cry easier, but I laugh easier as well. Today a friend posted on fb that her wee one was disappointed to find no visit from a leprechaun today. The friend was unaware of need of a leprechaun, though her child assured that he was visiting all her friend's houses. The friend asked, "What next?" Someone posted that perhaps Johnny Appleseed should visit on Arbor Day. Don't ask me, I can only attribute my fit of hysterical laughter at that comment to my weariness.
Detour- Did I ever tell you I hate grades and standardized state testing? Well, you haven't spent much time with me then because I've just completed both and I rant and rave from two weeks before, throughout the whole ordeal. At least we used to get two half days to do conferences, now I have to do them after school for my twenty four students. Why can't we just mark progress. I have some kidlets who work like dogs and will never be on the coveted A/B honor roll. I have others who are as bright as new pennies and will ever be on the A/B honor doing very little, cause they simply don't care to do anything more than what's required of them. UGHHHHH.
Anyway, back to the Leprechaun strand. I probably comment on FB about two times a year. But I added that Uncle Sam could visit on Flag Day. How about the Ghost of Something Past for Memorial Day. The Garbage Man for Labor Day, by which time I am literally crying I'm laughing so hard. What, you don't find it so funny? Well, you must of had a better week than I've had.
What is particularly interesting about this is I'm a big celebrator and I think any day is a good one for gifts and dessert. Though I love to give gifts, it stresses me a bit of the generations we've raised standing around with their hand out, expecting everything great and small to be handed over to them.
Hats off to all those young folk who work hard for they have.
And this picture, well it is just because he's cute and how can you look at that sweet face and not smile ( you know, a little gift in case you were forgotten by the Leprechaun too).
Happy Saint Patrick's Day


  1. I have experience with finding something hysterically funny when no one else does. I never knew why but thinking back, I was under a lot emotional tension at the time. It was kind of fun. My kids found it both entertaining and embarrassing. It doesn't seem to happen anymore though I do find my grandchildren very funny and I am glad to say I often laugh when my first instinct is to get annoyed. One incident I remember was watching an hispanic sitcom (George Lopez)and one character said to the other, "One more step and you've tasted your last taco!" That one still makes me smile a little. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  2. I taught for over 20 years down here in Texas and saw the standardized testing movement be birthed and grow until there's no longer any room in the curriculum for anything not related to the test. There is finally beginning to be a backlash again standardized testing. I hope we can restore some sanity to our schools.

  3. Shari- That is funny. And why not laugh instead of getting annoyed-has to be better for your blood pressure.
    Susan- Well, oh Indiana must be living in the past as standardized testing still rules in the classroom. I hate it.

  4. We have a name for those moments when you start laughing for little or no reason and the more you try to control it the harder you laugh and the more you need kleenex to wipe the tears of laughter -- the laughing turrets!

    I'm with you on the standardized testing -- there just has to be a better answer.