Sunday, February 5, 2012


Wow, my mind is going in a hundred different directions, but first things first.
Happy 31st Birthday 1st Lt. How did you get to be so old? Who is that fifteen year old holding that newborn (well, I was 21 actually).
We always joked that 1st Lt. was born a little old man. I remember telling folks when he was in his early teens that only lack of a driver's license impeded him. He could have taken his place in the working world at 14 and managed fine. He has always been independent and one of the hardest working people I know.
I fixed his favorite today, fried steak, gravy and biscuits, broccoli salad and Apple Betty. A little bittersweet knowing his next birthday, uh 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. will spent in Afghanistan. He leaves for training this week. He will be missed.
In other news my cousin is quickly losing his fight with the cancer monster. He's in a Hosparus facility and they don't expect it to be many more days.
I feel such heartache for my aunt. We will be moving her here. Any move after years at one place would be a challenge for someone of 91 years, but having to do it on the heels of losing your son, and last living child is just awful and that's all.
There's much to be done to close things there and prepare things here. I had hoped for everyone's sake, most especially hers and Randy's, that they would have the 3 to 5 months they told him. It is not to be. Your prayers on their behalf would be much appreciated.


  1. I am sorry for your sad news. Your aunt is lucky to have you. I know you will provide her a safe and loving place. I pray that all goes well with your son. The picture is precious. What cute little baby! Fried steak is a favorite of mine and my daughter's as well.

  2. I do love the photo and you do look 15 in it! I will keep good thoughts for your aunt and for you. You've sure had a lot to deal with lately. Hope things get easier.

  3. You have had a lot to deal with, but your family members are so blessed to have someone like you!