Sunday, February 26, 2012

King of the Mountain

Lands, this has been the craziest winter ever. The temperature variations are not to be believed. It's like someone has a weather remote and has been channel surfing all winter long. We have hail, sleet, a smattering of snow, blustery winds, then sunshine, warmth-followed by freezing temps.
Well, anytime it warms above 40 degrees, the kidlets prefer the outside. Recently the electric company sent tree choppers out to free the lines. Uhhh, I hate having my trees messed with. I asked them to at least leave me the chips. Big fun I tell you!
Even in winter, there are some treasures to unearth.
The kiddos don't mind the cold near as much as the swing pushers. Bean didn't end up getting his turn until after dark. Ohh, it is so sad. He can't get in it anymore and has to sit on the top. I asked if we should be thinking of a way to raise enough money to buy a real playground swing set, but he shook his head, with a big "NO!" -still wants to swing in that blue dolphin.
Miss Swee-Tee needs a big swing, to feed the girls chicken seed (that's how we grow our chickens don't you know) and lots of candy when she comes to Gramerly's.
Pure bliss!

Gwanfader (Great Uncle Tim) burying the boy.
Swee-Tee wasn't quite ready to be buried, but she thought Bean getting covered was hysterical.
Missy Bugg was helping from behind.


  1. I would like to see a pic of bean on top of the dolphin swing. I bet that is cute.

  2. I remember being a little girl back in Michigan and loving those days when it got to 40 and we could play outside. Somethings never change. Kids are always better at dealing with that cold than us adults are! I whine when it gets down to the 50s here -- like today!

  3. Be happy that they want to be outside. Sometimes I have to put my foot down and tell my grandkids to get outside. Then they always have a great time. Of course, we live in a neighborhood instead of in the country, but, still, I make sure that there are fun things to do outside. I will never be the kind of grandma who watches TV with them!