Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Electric

My sweet son-in-law forwards me sites he thinks I might find interesting. A standard in fourth grade is about electricity. I knew when I read about Squishy Circuits, I would have to do it with my students. I have always had them build a circuit board, and the custodian at work graciously aids them in getting it done. But it's mostly putting it together, there's not much room for messing around with it. Enter Squishy Circuits-awesome. I ordered the battery packs, lights etc and they kindly sent me extras. So, I practiced on my mostest favorite experimenters.
Let's just say it is way cool.

First, you make two types of playdough. The first we made with salt, because salt will conduct the electricity.

I divided the dough in the recipe in half and Bean kneaded his choice of green food coloring and Bugg pink, into their dough. Next, we made a different batch of dough with sugar to serve as an insulator.

Here, they stuck the battery terminals into two blobs of conductive dough, separated by the insulating dough, and lit up there bulbs!

There was a lot of trial and error about how it all worked, but with Pap's help, we finally got it all going. Before that, Bugg asked could she just play with the dough, but I encouraged her to persevere.
This is Bean's fierce bear, which he made growl with the buzzer.
Once Miss Bugg figured out how to make shapes, light lights, run motors and sound buzzers, she was all over it. Ceece and 1st. Lt. were impressed with their little scientists. I was grateful to have a better grasp of how it all worked before trying it with 24 students- good times.

Other times, well. Sister SuZQ and I headed to Pete's last night to help him sort through Kaye's things. Ahh, sad. So many memories. Handy Man came along and David was there. Later another niece followed. There was much to do so it was busy and that helped. Still, strange and heart breaking.
The cousin I mentioned early received more sad news today. Cancer, cancer everywhere. I'll be praying that every day he has is sweet and precious to him and those who love him. His name is Randy if you want to be praying too.


  1. 1st lt looks super impressed. lol

  2. Your favorite experimenters certainly look like they are having fun and I really think your fourth graders will too!

  3. I bought my grandson a Snap Circuits set so he could learn about electricity. But playdough makes everything more fun!