Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let's See, was this Twenty Five?

I was trying to think this morning which Gingerbread Party this might have been. I believe it's twenty five years. Don't you think that should qualify me for some sort of prize?
It always seems hard to pull it off on the heels of Thanksgiving and when I'm up to eyeballs in the Christmas musical at school, as well, as you know, trying to teach and stuff. Add to that my lack of clear headedness during this particular season of life. Anyway, it was a fun day. In addition to all the beautiful houses, it was warm enough for outdoor play and swinging.
Baby Giddy-up wondering what kind of interesting object this might be. Okay, let's decorate the roof with the very cool snowflakes from Aunt SuZQ. That should do it. Now for a taste.
Hey, where have I been, this is dee-wish-us.
Well, we now know how to light this little guy up.
And there are a couple more cutest pictures I must share, but I seldom upload and immediately try to post without losing pictures somewhere in cyber space. One time I do it and when I browse the latest entry they pop right up, next time I'll have picture I can't access anywhere- arghhhhhhh.
It was a sugary sweet day.

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