Friday, August 5, 2011

So Long Summer

The last Playdate is always a bit bittersweet- this one, the worst yet. I was so sad about summer being done that I could hardly enjoy the day.
There are a lot of crazy things coming down in our state, education wise right now, and it hurts my feelings to have to send these kiddos into that environment. It hurts my feelings that keeping my job means I have to participate in the craziness. I fancy how much better I could teach these wee folk my own self. Unfortunately, I need a paycheck. So boo, hoo, hoo!
The last Playdate was for science experimenting. We made snow, grew fish eggs, and here we were making and observing lava lamps created with oil, water, colored water and Alka Seltzer. Miss Linee, being three and quite a precocious littlest bit, seems to be the Playdate Student of the Week.
I told them to keep their eye on their bottle to see what happened to the oil after it was shaken.
Yes, go ahead and laugh, Miss Linee's eye is indeed right on the bottle.
Well, I guess we've made progress over the summer. Usually BJ screams when I look his direction.
For a couple of years, Bean has taken over the roll of swinging Miss Linee. Now she has picked up the torch and is swinging Buttercup.
Buttercup wasn't here when we made hula hoops, so she was a bit fascinated by them. Miss Bugg and Linee were showing her the ropes. The day we made them, Bugg could hardly do it. Now she is rocking that hoop.
This is Davy Warrior- just because. I suppose most children paint on paper. I have paper, but their joy is painting themselves and they take this art expression very seriously.

Here comes the bride and there go my magic lillies- every last one of them.
BJ would keep on stretching until he could get a big drink.
Baby Boy can turn on the sweet like nothing you ever saw. Now, it doesn't interest him to do that much, but he can. He was passing out kisses here.
Bean didn't celebrate his birthday with our side of the family, so I got Cars cupcakes for snacks and we sang, "Happy Birthday."
The boy likes his icing.
I so love how Bean thinks and plans for Playdates. He had been telling me about a science experiment he was working on. He discovered the difference in the way pen caps held water based on whether or not the cap had a hole. He brought lots of caps to share. Later he told me that he didn't think anyone was too impressed with his experiment. I think it looks like he has a captive audience here. I told him I was impressed, because I was.
Time to pack up this shop and open my classroom. I'm glad to have a picture journal of the summer. I loved having Auntie SuZQ and her grandkids join us this year. So closes Playdate 2011, though Missy Bugg requested a Playdate for her September birthday. We'll see. Hope you have some fun left in your summer!


  1. What a gorgeous time you've given everyone. "Here comes the bride and there go my magic lillies" - that just cracks me up :) x

  2. I know just what you mean about the changes in education. Lots of times it seems that the rules that are meant to improve substandard teachers end up shackling the good ones. But kids who have grandmas to do fun and educational things with them are clearly ahead of the game.