Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby, Baby

My baby girl is having her first baby, as I've already announced. He is due in, wow, about 4 to 5 weeks. He's been breech this whole time, so if you want to add Rae-rae and little Gideon to your prayers, that he gets his wee self the right direction before time to make his escape, we'd all appreciate that.
My talented daughter-in-law, of Courtney Paris Photography, snapped some cutest little piks to mark the big event.

This is a spoof on the usual "Daddy with hands making a heart on Mommy's belly," picture.

Thanks Ceece.
Looking so forward to this new little love.
Several folk have asked me if she is registered and she is at both Amazon and Babies R Us. She's a lucky duck that she timed this pregnancy right as Ol' Mother Hubbard decided to give up baby making, so she's been blessed to inherit a ton of wonderful baby products.


  1. Congratulations and the best of luck. Always a relief after you get them into the world healthy. Then getting some sleep becomes the next priority.

  2. Congrats and good luck! You said the baby is a He -- doesn't it figure that he is a male and going in the wrong direction?? I hope he manages to get his directions figured out soon!

  3. Gideon--I love it! Best of luck to mommy and baby--and to daddy, too! Great pics.

  4. Thanks so much. It is an exciting time. Love looking at all the little baby stuff and remembering.