Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Like one more attempt to get the last bit of the toothpaste, I've tried to squeeze the last of summer from these chilly autumn days.
The past two weekends I've entertained family and a few friends with the last of my garden. Pesto and fried green tomatoes are a burst of sunshine, through trees nearly bare, that feel summerly and so deliciously green on my tongue. Oh, basil and tomatoes, I will miss you so!

The time swings itself back, leaving us little time for outdoor play after this week, so the gramerlings and I packed a quick picnic and headed to a park that still has those terribly dangerous devices known as swings. I pushed and pushed until the sun began to set and chilled us all the way through. I'm afraid it is time to bid farewell to summer.

Last evening I had the privilege of attending an author talk at the library. Greg Mortensen, of Three Cups of Tea fame just impresses my socks off every time I see him or read about him. It simply amazes me what he has been able to accomplish.

Poor Pap's girl finally gave it up. We miss her littlest sweet self.

A few more pictures of the last warm playdate.
A troll? Sea monster?
Pods and seeds are endlessly fascinating.


  1. I will miss fresh tomatoes, too! In a restaurant in Arkansas, I had fried catfish with green tomato relish. Delicious! The relish would be another way to use up those green tomatoes that didn't have time to get ripe before the frost.

  2. You, like me, must love tomatoes anyway they come-except out of a hot house.