Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Writing

There are only three short weeks of school after Thanksgiving and before Christmas break. Since I teach in a private school, I'm blessed to be expected to do lots of Christmas activities-as in Christ in Christmas, praise be. Anyway, I have my kidlets do gift writing as their language arts in December. They have to pick six folks to give a gift of writing to. I encourage them to use all the great adjectives they want, but their writing must reflect why the person is a gift to them. They must write one acrostic poem, one haiku, one free verse and the other three are letters. Usually, I write when I ask them to write. Writing is not really my thing, which hopefully shows them about effort, when giftedness is missing.

If you've never done any gift writing, I'd encourage you to add that to your Christmas list. So often the love and appreciation we have for others goes unspoken. Aren't we always believing there will be another day?

These little written gifts will go in the journals I keep for the gramerlings.

Free Verse

I know a boy who steals my heart

With blue eyes, brown curls and a fine mind

Who loves to listen and learn

Who seeks adventure and knowledge

Who is still tender and sweet enough for a swing and a song

My beautiful firstborn grandboy!


Little Missy Bugg






Never a dull moment!

A Buttercup Haiku

Swinging and Schikies

Popsicles, Cheese and Crackers

Dancing Eyes of Blue

A Letter

Dear Blue Boy,

You are my brand new gramerling and already you have stolen my heart. Mischief is already prancing in your huge, beautiful, bluest eyes. When you chortle right out loud at your Pappy, I can't help but join in the joy and chuckle myself. I feel content about the way you are growing, yet at the same time, I am amazed that you could be so big already.

A part of me thinks ahead to adventuresome play. Will you love the creek like your cousin Bean? Will swinging and singing and storytelling be your favorite pasttime? Will you love Popsicles and chickie girls as much as your sister? Until then, I will wallow in your baby softness, and smell

I feel so very blessed for the opportunity to grandparent such a wonderful bit of a boy.



Go ahead, try writing a gift.

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  1. I used to do this with my high school students, and it meant so much to the members of their families. (Yes, in spite of all the BFF business, when they really write about someone they love, they usually choose family members.) The haiku and acrostic are perfect for those who are a little hesitant to launch off into writing on their own.