Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Fun

May is chock full of activities, both in the classroom and out. It is second only to December in busyness. I always make tie-dyed tee shirts with my kiddos for them to wear on field day. Bean always asks what we did during the day and often wants me to repeat the activity at home.
So, we made tie-dyed shirts yesterday. Bean got away without me getting a picture of his.

Missy Bugg was quite proud of her shirt. As I've said before, she has an amazing attention span for one so young. Any three year old who can wield permanent markers and color a whole shirt, earns top marks in my book.
Uncle Jimi came to visit and brought a cool box turtle. Learning can be so fun and easy. I don't know why we make it so hard.

Miss Bugg is a budding photographer.
She snapped this pic of Uncle Jimi.

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