Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break At Last

Boy, was I ever ready!  The weather continues to be crazy ups and downs.
Let's see, I need to go back to a week ago Saturday.  Bean was at his State Meet and did great again, cutting time and making a new record in his club for backstroke.
I was at Rae's, visiting a dear friend of hers and her adorable boy. Giddy-up had a cool science experiment to share and Mr. Smiley was unusually snuggly.

After breakfast, and checking everything going on inside, we ventured out to chase chickens.
Mr. Smiley said, "That baby, I want to hug him, but he keeps marching around."  

Mr. Smiley has come a long way with Samwise and was thrilled to walk him on his leash.

 Playdate was on last Tuesday with an addition of a new Wayside Posey that made her appearance in our lives the night before.  Oh my heart, what a cutest, snuggly, littlest bit.
 By the way, it was Pi Day, so the heavy eyeliner and little braid went with my shirt I wear once a year that says, " 3.145 % of all seafarers are Pi rates."  All my kiddos get to dress as pirates and we bring tasty round snacks of all kinds and find their circumference.

We enjoyed a lot of playdough time.

Then it was press on through the week, report cards, conferences and finally, Spring Break!

Drummer Boy wanted a few more chickens and so, until Samwise is out and about more, I had him come and get mine before the hawks do.
It is ever a fun family time trying to catch chickens, lots of screaming and running too and fro of hens, roosters and Gramerlings. 

Then, we were off on an adventure to a local park.  It was pretty cool still, and my knee still lets me know it is there, so we took a half mile trail.

Buttercup is tree hugging, climbing girl.

Can't let Sis out do you, huh Blue Eyes.

 There are gnomes in these trees.

 This little not yet two Pixie walked almost the entire way. Miss Independent.
 Now, my nearly five Missy Buttons, she wouldn't have minded us carrying her.
 Peekie -precious.

 Well, we were all cold and you know they were dying of thirst and in need of a snack, so off for donuts.

 We stopped by to say hello to Grannny Wandy, who was visiting with Aunt Tish.

It was big fun time.  We sang lots of songs from the Okie Dokie Brothers and talked about good books and places to hike at a later date.  They are also interested in one on one dates, so I need to get that on the calendar.    
I came home excited to have a nap before I started cooking for Coffee Hour at church this morning.  I told the Handy Man I intended to nap every day for two weeks.  A happy thought!

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