Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Starve Hollow

Handy Man was on vacation with me last week.  I felt terrible that all his vacation this year has been trying to hold me up through loss, decision making, caring for Mom and cleaning.  Though we moved Mom on his first Saturday off, and immediately began the "What Remains" cleaning, I could not let that glorious weather go.  I was looking for somewhere we could run to for a day or two.  A friend at work mentioned Starve Hollow and since it was only an hour away and the forecast last Tuesday was amazing, away we ran.
 These tiny cabins are so seriously cute and perfect for us.
 A hefty dose of woods and sunshine was exactly what we needed.
We arrived at 3 on Tuesday and, thank you very much, I started the fire with one match and kept it going till we left at noon on Thursday!
 Since I was designated fire tender, I would read, feed the fire, read, putz around the woods for more limbs to keep the fire going, photograph some little beauties when I came across them.

 Handy Man would read, feed the fish, read.
 I also cooked all the meals, a switch when we're camping actually. I plan and pack, but usually he cooks.  I wanted him do do mostly nothing for this little spot in the road. I very much wanted to say, "Thank You," for how good he's loved me this summer.  It was perfect.

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  1. It really does sound like the perfect and much needed mini-vacation! Hope the rest of this year is a little easier for both of you.