Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ahhh, Birthdays

They just keep coming, huh?  Faster each year it seems.  This was a picture perfect birthday.  The weather was just all that.
Ceece snuck over during the day
and gussied up the place with a cutest queen bee theme complete with a shirt she made, along with a photo booth with Bee Silly headbands.  Too fun.

Bugg dug about in the playroom for extra foo-foo for our piks.

Rae brought sourdough bread and I just happened to have some homemade pesto.

 Gwanfader contributed pizza.  Mom made it out for awhile as well, thanks to her kind caretaker, Terri and was taken home by Aunt Tish.

Perusing the pictures when the last celebrator had departed was another round of fun, as the third generation Bean and Bugg were the camera operators.  Not sure what you call this little insect.
 I discovered that while I was in the chicken pen watching the boys chase chickens, there must have been quite a fashion show on the front porch.


Listen, just do what I telled ya!
Just a swingin'
Bubble time
Newest littlest Punkin'

Sweetness in heaps.  

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  1. You do have heaps of sweetness! Love all the smiles and all the beautiful eyes!