Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blessed Easter Morning

Loving this "Sun in My Eyes" morning.  What a beautiful Easter!   Of course,  if I look beyond the weather, family drama, government drama, basketball craziness, it is always a glorious remembrance.

Recently our Governor signed a religious freedom act that has blown up facebook. I have just a handful of friends, so I can't imagine what the feed looks like for those that have 342 friends, especially if most of those friends are Hoosiers.  I have to admit, I'm not a conflict person.  I find everyone throwing out their two cents to be a bit unnerving and muddies the water to the extent that it is challenging to find the truth of the matter.  Sometimes I have guilt over not taking sides.  I just can't take a side until I know the whole situation.  Even when I do, I'm not a "Shout it from the Rooftops" kind of gal.  I do know it takes all of us and you have to have "Shouters" to get some people's attention.

I've just finished a much loved Beth Moore Bible Study based on the letters Paul and friends, Silvanus and Timothy, wrote to the Thessalonians.  In this study, one verse in particular popped out at me and then Handy Man shared a story that brought it right home. 

Interestingly, the title of Beth's lesson reads "Stop in the Name of Love."  And the sweet verse that accompanies it- "Seek to lead a quiet life, to mind your business, and to work with your hands as we commanded you. " 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Handy Man is much less of rooftop shouter than I am, so when he talks, I listen.  Yesterday he told me,

I had a weird experience today.  A third shift guy I've seen around, but don't know, came up to me and said, " Are you a Christian?"   I nodded yes and asked him what made him ask.  He replied, "Oh, I knew, by the way you carry yourself and how kind you are to everyone."

Handy Man has always worked so hard, so every day I pray that God will bless his hands to do a good work and that someone might give him the littlest pat on the back for his efforts.  That is really all it takes for him.  Needless to say, he choked up in the retelling, and hearing his story brought at tear at this answered prayer- patted on the back for a job he's accomplished not with hands, but with his heart. Everyday he models Christ's love to me and I am in awe of it.  I love that Handy Man.

Today another favorite verse comes to mind.  This time it was Jesus.  "Peace I give to you, my peace I give you. I do not give it as the world gives it.  Let not your heart be troubled or afraid." John 14:27

No matter how old you grow, there are always firsts and this will be my first Easter with no big family  gig.  Doesn't change the reason for finding joy and peace in this day. While you might not ever find me on the rooftop, you are welcome to pull up a seat, have a piece of coconut cream pie, and I'll tell you all about my sweet Jesus I celebrate today.  

 I'm going to spend a few minutes reminiscing and "Because He Lives" will look to the day that I will see a couple of these faces again.

Wishing you much peace and love today.


  1. that second to last photo. So many great things in it. Sue flying, john's stare, aunt lois, baby ben!

  2. What a wonderful collection of happy faces. Happy Easter to you and yours.