Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What is that Stuff?

Hmm, I think it's dirt.  I can finally see some.  Cool.
So, as is common for the Ohio Valley, we have the flipside.  Blue skies and pushing sixty degrees.  I was so ready,  my students were so ready, my chickie girls and bee girls, well, you've never seen such happy girls.
I wonder if you've any idea how hard it is for me to not put 72 pictures of this child on my blog.
 Handy Man and I are just all ate up with this boy.  We had no idea how blessed with were with our first five Gramerling babies. Trust me on this. We just thought they were your average run of the mill babies, till the next five came, each one more sensitive in nature than the one who came before.  Those five would hardly let us speak to them, in our quietest voice, forget holding them. It was kind of heartbreaking I'm telling you. I know how quickly that time goes and it was sad to not get to rock them to sleep or squeeze and smooch them.  It has been a long, dry, lovey baby spell.  Then comes this happy camper.  He reaches for us, hugs us, pats us, laughs, smiles and is so smart and sweet.
Now, thankfully those five sensitive babies were much more approachable toddlers, who have since blessed us with much fun, but boy, that first year or so was interesting.

Playdate was kind of low key. Bean had a swim meet and Bugg was with him.  I spent Saturday afternoon with both of them at his Divisional meet.  His relay team came in first and he was sporting several medals.
Miss SweeTee enjoyed some quiet time with the fairy house.
 Giddy-up built cars and then they raced them all around.

 A bit of picking and grinning.

 Wee Will and Gwanfader enjoyed a marble game.

Miss SweeTee  inquired about crafts, but those pictures will wait for an upcoming holiday.
I hope it springish wherever you are!

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  1. 72 pictures isn't all that many and he is so darned cute! You are a very lucky Grandma to have gotten so many!