Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Missy Toddles

Wow, I can't believe this littlest bit is already one! So sweet to hear her new words and watch her fly across the floor and dance and dance when we sing.  She's loving up her new baby from her Grandma!

I was missing my sweeties and was happy to see Playdate come.

I'm going to have to change Mr. Smiley's name to Mr. Piggy.  When he sees me he wants to eat. Perhaps, because on Playdates, most of my time is spent in the kitchen.  He had blueberries, pears and celery, not good enough. I fixed him an egg yolk, then had to fix another one.

Bean was a happy boy after his great wins in swimming this weekend.
 When the tiny people were gone, he wasn't  so excited that it was math time. I know you might find it surprising that I'm not happy with what he's getting in math at school, so I push a little when he's here and Missy Math Mind Bugg is picking it right up too.

Bean and Bugg are so good with my littles.  I so appreciate how much they love their cousins.
Swee-tee and Wee Will were able to join us too.  I'm happy when they come and worn to a nub when they go, but grateful for the time we get!


  1. Please tell Bean congratulations on all of those swim medals! I love reading about your playdates and all of your wee ones! You have so much fun and often learn things doing it!

  2. Who does Missy Toddles belong to? I may have missed something over these last several months?