Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Papperly Chronicles Number Two

So, next in line for a date was our little brown eyed Button.  What a dolly.  I was a little concerned about pick-up as she has some separation anxiety. Sure enough, wasn't positive the date was going to happen.  We pulled out with a teary little girl, but in a few short moments I could only hear some residual sniffing.  She wasn't talking to us mind you, but no longer crying - whew.
Her list did not have anything checked, but after hearing her sister talk about fishing, she brought a little pole along.  I know at two, it's more about casting and reeling in, so we just headed down to the creek.
 The creek is such a peaceful place with a two year old.  There is not end to the fascination of rocks and water. I think I could have sat there all evening, but for the seventy two pointy rocks pressing into my backside.  Here the thrill was dripping water into Pappy's hand.  She talks plenty for two, but later than her siblings.  It was so funny that she'd say one thing that sounded exactly like her brother and then something else that sounded exactly like her sister.

 Then her own little phrases like, "one moah(more), one moah" as she counted rocks before tossing them in.

 She ordered macaroni and cheese, so while I was preparing it, she enjoyed a little pretend cooking.

 Now, in case you ever need to know, the noodles go on the tines of the fork, one at a time.  This would take an unusually long time to eat one's supper, so between tine filled fork fulls "one moah, one moah," you just shovel a fist full in.

 What, you have poppers? Be still my heart.  Pop, pop, pop

 I bought this when Bean was a baby and Pap had to put in new batteries for I believe the first time in ten years.  Do you remember, back in the day, when you'd get a toy that used batteries and the batteries were dead in thirty minutes?  I appreciate that advance in technology. She sang us the songs as they played and of course chanted, "one moah, one moah," as they came off and on, off and on.

 We ended the evening with a little pirate fun.
Sweet girl.


  1. What a cutie pie! I love those curls and it sure looks like she had a good time. I do thing these dates are a wonderful idea.